Friday, July 11, 2008

On the board

What becomes of a blog that is never read? Does it survive? Do squirrels start to inhabit the abandoned comment sections? Interesting questions to ponder. Hopefully this blog will not lead me to those answers.

I've wanted to give this blogging bit a try for a while. I cover a decent portion of the blog world on any given day, from The Big Lead, Deadspin and Fire Joe Morgan, to Defamer (TMZ light - hey, I work in Hollywood), and of course, keeping it in the family - Miss McCallie's Elementary Thoughts . I must say, Miss McCallie's entrance into the blogosphere was the final straw. That was my calling, my time to let everyone know who inherited the family writing gene (her), who went to a prestigious university (her) and who cannot spell definetly (nope) definetely (try again) definitely (YES!).

If you're looking at the title of my blog, and can't figure out what it says or why, that's good. A little confusion to draw some attention never hurt. For those of you who know me, you know I will talk sports with a tree, car battery, stain on my shirt or any other inanimate object that will listen to my hatred for Brett Farve's inability to retire. I make no promises to be unbiased in my coverage of the sporting world. My loyalties are set, and as you'll soon see, well defined.

As for the pet peeves, my girlfriend and I started making lists of all the little things that bug us a while back. We pitted the list of pet peeves against our "enjoyments". Like an exhibition game in Allen Fieldhouse, it wasn't close. Not since Larry David has someone amassed a list of of nuisances so quickly. This odd habit of tracking and charting potential thorns in my side all started because I wasn't able to answer that very question - "what are your pet peeves?" I vowed never to be caught off guard again. It was time to pony up and catch the evasive peeves running around my life. I caught 'em all right - all 42 of them (and counting). I'll start sharing momentarily, most likely on a regular basis.

And what about "The Unusual" part of the title you ask? **Wait, no one is reading this. If I refer to "you" and it's "me" writing and reading, what is that, like the 3rd person once removed? Professional athletes everywhere are confused.** The unusual category of this blog is a cop out for me to post such nonsense as this guy, an unfortunate article about NBA players from Duke, and last but not least, a good laugh at the expense of people who take themselves seriously. Thank you, I am still laughing.

So there you have it, I have undoubtedly answered none of your questions, probably left you thinking about things you hate, and made you confused as to whether or not Brett Favre is actually retired.

Thanks for reading (patting myself on back).


Anna said...

You flatter me, O King of the Simile. (side note: that rhyme was unintentional)

I am v. excited about this (we)blog. Long have I admired your Bill Simmons-esque treatment of sport (as the British say), as well as your predilection for both the mundane and the bizarre in the realm of pop culture.

Is it lame that I commented on your blog approximately 30 seconds after you told me you had started one? Perhaps. Regardless (irregardless?), I am excited. And seriously, Brett Favre needs to slow his roll. Did he learn nothing from the MJ/Wash. Wizards era? There is a good way to retire, and there is a shitty way to retire.

That's all.

TheBigTicket said...

The first letter to the editor is in - score! Check it out:

think you're funny, but I don't understand the appeal of blogging.

where is your list of pet peeves by the way?

bloggers would be on my pet peeve list - as I consider them amateur cynics. And don't get me started on people who get paid to have a worthless opinion that is almost entirely negative. I'm an eternal optimist and someone who is not scared to put "myself" on the line. And, there will never be a time where I want to post any "shit talking" on any athlete more successful than myself. I don't watch espn anymore unless there is an actual sporting event on...kinda like MTV, there isn't much music television being shown...Stephen A Smith, (another non-athlete critic who lacks the humorous touch of a non-athlete sports reporter like Scott Van Pelt) is an immediate channel change move and most times a power button move.

People should read more books. Find published authors with creative intellegence that take pride in history and the honest truth on subjects that you personally find interesting. I think it's great if you have a blogspot for friends and family where "actual friends" can keep in touch and post witty banter between eachother.

But, all of your deadspin shit is rarely funny and mostly pointless blogging by idiots. I have some affinity towards a select few sports reporters - like Dick Enberg, Keith Jackson, Bob Costas, and athletes turned reporter like Nick Faldo and Troy Aikman. Positive people who care about the "athlete"

I couldn't even figure out how to make this is post because I have no "online identity" like The Big Ticket - You should call me the big fucking 3 putt - because that's what I do, literally. I would always rather 3 putt myself than blog shit on someone else who did.

Post this for me if you want, but let it be known, this started as an email to a friend.


Anonymous said...

Grant needs a Xanax. I think you're funny babe. But who am I? Some idiot girlfriend who likes blogs, and bloggers. (kekeke.)

Cameron said...

I think you should just write Will Smith lyrics for entries. You'll have billions of comments in no time. =)