Monday, July 14, 2008

Would you like cheese with that?

To steal from the lamest commercials on television - time to vent. It's pet peeve post one, here we go.

Much to the surprise of my friends, I'm not a fan of cheese. Before you deduce such, it is not a Brett Favre-related issue (although those cheese hats look terrible).

I get looks of shock and horror when I mention my non-interest in the queso.


"You're crazy."

"I hate you."

"Your voting privileges should be revoked."

All are common responses. Regardless of all that, on to the pet peeve. Typically, if I ask for a hamburger, I would assume it is made up of hamburger, with an occasional piece of lettuce, tomato or pickle. If you include cheese with my hamburger, please identify it as a cheeseburger (see that, we named it for you, pissed off waitress lady, so you could tell the difference between the two - how innovative!)

And to add insult to shitty food, on top of throwing that little slice of lactose on my burger, you'll charge me an addtional dollar too. Great. When I tip you, I'll be sure to include that same slice of cheese.

One down, many more to come.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're a cheesehead. I love cheese. You've lost it. When I come there in August, Im purchasing Kraft singles and Im going to disperse them throughout your whole appartment. Then you get a cheesey surprise everywhere you go. Brush your teeth? Cheese on your toothbrush! Sit on your patio? Cheese on your wood chairs! Cheese on loufa's! Cheese on your bed! Cheese on your nightlight! Cheese EVERYWHERE! That is all.

-and just so you know, my word verification for this comment was: hag nemo. what the shit?