Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Further proof that old white men are scared of the young, celebratory athlete

Make sure your local gang bangers get the memo - there will be no communicating via hand signals with your favorite NFL players. I'm sure the league's experts will do a stellar job in their identification of what's appropriate and what's not. Just a guess, but this process will be about as fair as professional athlete altercations in Miami.

I suppose after the Darrent Williams incident, the NFL PR mill was activated for show and tell purposes. Add this to a growing list of questionable, if not idiotic, restrictions in professional sports. The NBA hates your iPod, MLB does not care if you're cold, and aside from the gang signs, the NFL does not care for your imaginary ass being revealed.

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David said...

You've got to be kidding! I would have thought I was reading The Onion instead of an actual quote from an actual NFL official:

"There have been some suspected things we've seen..."

Well, they better crush those "suspected things" before they actually happen!