Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Admire video editing at its highest level

It takes a special human to start his or her own business. You must have a vision, set goals and persevere through challenging times. But once you're off the ground, what better way to share your brilliant light bulb moment with the world than a snazzy video on YouTube.

Now I know you have questions, so let me answer what I can.

Yes, you are watching the editor/producer/director make his cuts "live". Yes, this is a real video. And yes, Greg Mandanis is an editing prodigy.

Note the smooth transitions (star cut @ 2:40, anyone?), intricate dialogue ("they can't stick to what they do best") and appropriate costumes (youscreenwriter.com tee shirts with text extending well into the arm pits).

More action, you say? Head over to youscreenwriter.com - home of the Mandanis empire and brilliant headlines such as "Write - Direct - Produce - Get Expert Adive - Share With Others - Sell Yourself".

Sell yourself? What? Hookers everywhere agree.

1 comment:

Christina said...

It's a bit nutty... What you wrote was a total dung heap. Serious dude.

Hookers.... hm, is that your fantasy or a hope? Or a combination? Let's see --you want hookers to go to our site, get laid, a whole bunch of them and then you can have a smoke afterwards in our site with the teenie people that talk inside our site under the title sell. Mkay, sounds good. We'll hire a few just for you. Along with a therapist.