Monday, February 23, 2009

If two bad teams play in a bowl game, does anyone care? No.

Has the saturation of College Football Bowl games finally caught up to the NCAA? I know my wish (and another fellow, of reasonable importance) for CFB to adapt some kind of playoff system is falling on deaf ears, but if changes aren't made, I'm guessing we can look for more of this down the road. From the

Bowl officials announced Friday that the 2008 bowl had a $9.97 million impact on the local economy — a decrease of more than $17 million from 2007's bowl — proving home teams and hard financial times don't make for bowl games with big fiscal effect.

"It was really a worst-case scenario," said Scott Ramsey, Music City Bowl president. "You have a home team, a team that doesn't travel and a bad economy. So to have 54,000 people come to this game is a success, and it shows how the community bought into the game."


Now I know that's just one game, but I get the feeling this trend will continue unless systematic revisions are made in College Football's postseason structure. You can cut the games back all you want, Committee of Old Rich Guys, but the real solution lies within a playoff system. Don't blame it on the money. It's there - you just have to find it.

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