Thursday, September 4, 2008

T.O vs. Bolt or Ocho Cinco vs. Michael Phelps?

In a stunning development, it seems that Chad Ocho Cinco* and Terrell Owens feel as if they're lacking in the attention department. These two NFL ball hawks have had it up to here (insert marginally tall, imaginary line) with all the circus and celebration over Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. What, you didn't know Chad Spanglish was a three time Charles Hadley pool champ? You didn't know Terrell "iPopcorn" Owens was faster (with a 20 yard head start) than Lightning Bolt? How foolish of you to doubt the all-world, all-everything abilities of these two NFLer's. Some say such claims are foolish. But why doubt a man who beat a horse, unfair and no where near square?

Rather than ask who would win their respective contest, I'm interested in which of these races would be more fun to watch?

I'll turn this over to the question of the week.

In classic PTI style, who ya got?

Terrell Owens vs. Usain Bolt
Chad Ocho Cinco vs. Michael Phelps

*Yes, that's right, Chad Ocho Cinco. Formerly known as Chad Johnson. When your career hits a slow spot, go Diddy or Prince and drop a "formerly known as" on them.


Colin said...

Terrel Owens now has a clothing line. I am a somewhat proud owner of 2 articles of his clothing.

Does this pertain to this blog? No.

Should Owens and LXXXV have competing clothing lines? Yes.

P.S. Get Google Chrome, Andy. It pleases the masses.

TheBigTicket said...

Cap! Surprisingly, I was aware that T.O repped his own threads - there's an enormous billboard on Sunset with him cheesing. I'll try to get a pic for you...

And anything that is a word, or not a word, alive or not alive or food pertains to this blog. I hope that covered all items in the universe.

Have you succumbed to the Chrome? I'll have to give it a look...